Main grant projects in 2000 2013:

Years Project ID Principal Investigator Title
2013 - 2016 NCN  D. Butkiewicz Influence of individual genetic host factors associated with DNA damage, antioxidant defense, metastasis and angiogenesis, and biochemical profile on treatment results in inoperable lung cancer.
2011 - 2013 MNiSW  M. Rusin The cellular response to the activity of substances that mimic calorie restriction role of in carcinogenesis and cancer therapy
N401 597 240
2008 - 2011 MNiSW  M. Rusin Analysis of the protection mechanisms against cancer and other chronic diseases role of the DNA repair genes exemplified by WRN protein.
N401 214 534
2005 - 2007 KBN  D. Butkiewicz Study on expression of RecQ family helicases, BLM and WRN, participating in maintenance of gnomic stability their link with the anti-oncogenic PML protein.
2P05A 125 28
2003 - 2006 KBN  J. Rachtan - leader Assessment of the frequency of familial lung cancer among women in Poland.
PBZ-KBN 090/P05/13  
(in cooperation) M. Rusin
1999 - 2001 KBN  D. Butkiewicz Study on DNA repair polymorphisms in XP and XRCC genes in lung cancer association with individual cancer susceptibility.
4 P05A 062 17