Molecular Mechanisms of Anticancer Therapies GroupResearch Team Leader Marek Rusin, Ph. D., Dr. Sci.

Main research area studies:

  1. Analysis of biological and molecular effects caused by DNA-damaging agents used in anticancer therapy or agents of potential therapeutic use. Analysis of effects of interactions between various substances used in anticancer therapy.  
  2. Functional studies of signaling pathways related to p53, an anticancer suppressor protein B
  3. Search for genetic factors with potential prognostic and/or predictive significance in most common neoplasms such as lung or breast cancers.
Continued enlargement of currently held collections of biological specimens (blood, DNA) as well as of clinical databases pertaining to lung and breast cancer patients treated at the Gliwice Center of Oncology. This will allow to continue further studies in molecular and clinical epidemiology of cancer as well as in pharmacogenetics [more info]