Tumour Biology and Molecular Markers GroupResearch Team Leader Katarzyna Lisowska, Ph. D., Dr. Sci.


Molecular markers in cancer

It is generally accepted that improvement in cancer therapy would be possible thanks to earlier diagnosis and individualized treatment. To help implement these ideas in the clinical practice, studies are underway in the search for new molecular markers of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive values.

Our projects start with DNA microarray-based high-throughput analyses. Further on they focus on more detailed characteristics of selected potential markers. We study the biological role of these genes/proteins and correlation of their expression levels with the occurrence and clinical course of the disease. The latter studies are done using clinical material.

Our projects concern breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer, as well as melanoma. We are also particularly interested in the studies of the role of BRCA1 gene mutation in the clinical course of the cancers involved. Our further interests concern the role of hypoxia in the context of cancer development and treatment, as well as the function of cytoprotective and antiapoptotic proteins from the HSP family.