Alexander Cortez, MSc


Center for Translational Research and Molecular Biology of Cancer

PhD student at Tumor biology and Molecular Markers research team

MSc Alexander Cortez research is focused on characterizing the role of particular genes in ovarian cancer biology. With main area of work concentrated on gene/protein ITGBL1 as it can be a potential marker for this tumor. Research on ITGBL1 gene/protein is also the subject of his PhD thesis led under supervision of Katarzyna Lisowska, PhD (thesis title: “The influence of ITGBL1 protein on ovarian cancer cells phenotype”, supervisor: Katarzyna Lisowska, PhD).

Alexander is also involved in clinical multicenter project CELONKO (Strategmed contest/NCBiR) which aims at finding novel biomarkers and developing innovative FGFR kinases inhibitor for cancer therapy.

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