Center for Translational Research and Molecular Biology of Cancer was founded in 2010 after reorganization of the Research Division of Institute of Oncology in Gliwice.

Research interests.Scientific activities of the Center focus on research in the field of molecular biology of cancer and translation of research results into clinical practice (i.e., translational research in short). Among general goals of the Center are novel methods of molecular diagnostics and experimental anticancer therapies. Specifically, research activities are focused on: (i) genetic risk factor in cancer predisposition, (ii) novel prognostic and predictive markers for cancer therapy; (iii) genomic and proteomic signatures for cancer identification and classification; (iv) novel diagnostic tools for monitoring therapy; (v) pharmacology and biology of novel anticancer drugs; (vi) novel vectors and strategies of drug delivery. Another group of basic research projects is related mostly to molecular responses to cellular stress, including: (i) DNA damage and repair; (ii) heat shock response, (iii) cellular senescence and apoptosis. Besides basic research, investigators take part in implementing a series of diagnostic procedures based on the use of genetic and molecular cancer markers. For more detailed information about research projects visit pages of research groups forming the Center. More info.

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